Hey everyone ❤
As you may already have noticed we didn’t follow our blogging schedule and you can’t believe how sorry we are! Our both lives have been pretty messy the last days and we needed to figure out a lot of things. We wrote many tests in school and Kijana is dancing every weekend with her group and has trainings twice a week and it’s pretty hard for her to manage everything right now 😦
This is only a quick post giving you a short explanation why we haven’t been uploading regularly
We hope you understand and you will still be a reader of our blog ❤
Until next time

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About the stupid little monsters in the tummy

Hey you ❤

Again I have to apologize, but something is wrong with the backup here.

I actually planned a “What’s on my iPhone” post and I wrote that about 2 hours, and then I wanted to add the pictures and suddenly the last backup was deleted, so I made this post.

These monsters I am mentioning in the title are also known as butterflies, but I use to call them monsters. Why? Hm, I think butterflies are beautiful, nice and lovely, but love is not always that beautiful.

It is a hard topic to write about because everybody has a different way of view. To be honest, I am disappointed of love. In my opinion it hurts too often. I mean I say this all in general, what is wrong, but these were my first thoughts.

People on my age fall in love, but you know, we watch the movies with the happy ending and although we do not want to admit it, we expect such a love story, too. We want to be loved.

All I write here I can reflect on myself. Like we all have this one boy, we cannot forget. For my new year resolutions I decided to let people like him go, but I realized that we cannot pretend that we are over someone when our stupid heart says the complete different.

Lots of my friends have a boyfriend and somehow, when you are laying in your bed at 11 p.m., you are thinking about these things. And then you are thinking about all these people who have someone they can cuddle and love while you are crying alone.

And then, there is this moment, when your sad playlist is over and you decide to give a fuck of feelings.


This moment changes you and the question is whether this is good or bad. And it makes me kinda smile to think about how often I went through such a time and how often I will go through it, because I know when I’m gonna see him, I will throw everything away ready to scream him into his face ” I love you! Why can’t you see that? Why do you cause billions of feelings? Tell me and love me! ” and in the end, we will pass by, with a shy smile on our lips, asking ourself why we didn’t do that.

But we all have that hope that he is thinking the same.

I know this is a strange post, but maybe some of you can understand what I mean ❤ 🙂




 Hey guys ❤

We were very happy when we got nominated for the Liebster Award three times this week and after we found out what this award exactly is, we were even more happy that we got the chance to discover new blogs with it! Thank you so much to Chelsea, Emily and India this is so nice of you xx

Here are the rules to this fabulous award:

1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions given by the nominator.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers (who have less than 200 followers) and link them.
4. Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.

Chelsea’s questions are:

1. What is your favourite magazine?
I love Glamour and InStyle because they aren’t that expensive and I think they have the most interesting topics from lifestyle to love and travel.
My favorite ones are Shape, Cosmopolitan and Glamour. I love these because with these three magazines I can unite all my favorite topics: Sports, stars, fashion and lifestyle.
2. What is your go-to lipstick?
I don’t usually wear lipstick to school or elsewhere, just when I am going out I sometimes apply a bit of the Maybelline ColorDrama in the shade ‘Light it up’ it’s matte and long-lasting which I really like because I dislike these shiny and glittery lipsticks.
I actually don’t wear lipstick, because I haven’t found a nice one. It should be matte and not that extraordinary.
3. If you had to leave the house only wearing one make up item, what would it be?
Definitely Eyebrow Powder! I seriously can’t go outside without my filled in eyebrows because I absolutely hate my eyebrows without it. I just feel so uncomfortable without it idk why.
Hm… That’s a really hard question. I think mascara or powder. I think powder because my skin is really good and I don’t need anything else.
4. Best movie you have seen recently?
I choose “Mockingjay”! I waited for this movie for so long to get released and I was so happy when I was finally sitting in the cinema and it’s just my most liked movie in the last time!
Hm.. I’m just thinking about this question, but honestly I can’t find a good answer… I saw many films and I all liked them. The last film I saw was “Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu?” and I really like it. Actually I’m more the series kind of person
5. Do you have a favourite blogger?
I think I can answer this for both of us haha 😀 Kristine Ullebø!! She is our all time favorite blogger and she was mainly one of the reasons we started blogging which leads me to the next question.
Oh, I can fully agree with Kijana. I follow her blog for nearly one year now, and I’m so in love with it.
6. Why did you start blogging?
As I already said above, Kristine was a huge influence to us but also other bloggers. I wanted a blog for so long because I just love to express my opinions on everything and when I told Anna about it, she luckily agreed to start one with me 🙂 And it is definitely the best choice I did last year
I was also influenced by Kristine Ullebø. I thought it would be nice to do that, too. If Kijana hadn’t said yes, I would have started my own blog.
7. What is your favourite make up brand?
I don’t really have a favorite one because I just buy the things I like and I don’t care what brand it is. But most of my make up essentials are from either benefit or maybelline because all their stuff is great! 🙂
I don’t really care about a brand. You know if I realize that some products of a special brand are good, I would buy them, but that does not mean that I focus on this brand. But nobody can say something against Urban Decay 😉
8. Do you have any pets? If so what are they?
I’ve got a dog and a cat I love to death! ❤
I do not have any pets, and that’s such a pity. I love animals. I adore them, but my mum has a bakery so it does not work….
9. How do you spend your weekends?
The next four weeks my weekends will mostly be dancing with my group because of carnival but usually I do something with friends and if they don’t have time I sit at home and watch some series or movies and listen to music
Other teenagers in my age are going to party every weekend. I love that too, but somehow I do not do that. Of course on friday evenings I use to go to a place where people in my age spend their evening, but currently there is no special party, so I sit at home watching series.
10. What is your best advice for people?
Don’t ever let yourself down, believe in yourself and don’t give a shit about what others think
My advice is… you should never do something because other people want you to. When you want to wear that dress, although somebody says he doesn’t like it, wear that fucking dress, and if you want to lose weight although somebody say you don’t need it, than lose weight. Do it, so YOU feel comfortable.
11. If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?
Thank you Chelsea these questions were so much fun to answer 🙂

India’s questions are:

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

By that time I will have school finished for 3 years and I will probably be traveling around the world and start to work after that.


In five years, I hopefully have a great Abitur (the german diploma). I see myself traveling the world or studying for my dream job.

2. What is your favourite place you’ve travelled to and why?

Glasgow! I was there October 2013 with my uncle and it was such a pleasure to go there and experience the british lifestyle in a friend’s house. I never really was interested in Scotland but once I got there, I didn’t want to leave because it is seriously by far the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to.


I loved London last year. I spent some weeks in England and I adore the kind of lifestyle they have.

3. What do you look forward to most this year?
My 16th birthday! I literally cannot wait any longer to finally be 16! You know how much it sucks being the youngest in all your friends and they all can go to clubs and so on while I have to sit at home? If not I can tell you that this is the most annoying thing ever so yeah I am so looking forward to the 31st July! 🙂
Like Kijana I absolutely count the days until the 23rd October. 16 is the age in Germany, when you officially can go to clubs and drink alcohol. And I’m looking forward to vacations. Does not matter which one.
4. Would you rather: be ugly and live forever or be attractive and die after one year?
That’s a tough question but as I don’t want to live forever I would choose be attractive and die after one year. At least this year I wouldn’t have to constantly worry on how I look and enjoy every simple moment.
I think it depends on what you think is ugly. But I’d rather be attractive and die then, because one day, all your friends and family will die, and then you are alone. In our society, it is important how you look and it is harder if you are ugly. So I would enjoy my last year and then die in peace.
5. Coffee or tea?
Definitely tea! I couldn’t live without it. Tea can help you in every situation and it gets a little bit better with every sip I take.
Coffee, coffee, coffee! absolutely coffee. I’m that kind of person who needs that. Like in the afternoon, in school, when you know there are waiting two hours of chemistry, a shot of espresso is the best thing that could happen. You know, I’m very hyper then and it’s so funny 🙂 My favorite is vanilla/caramel macchiato
6. If you could be any age for a week, what age would that be?
7! This was the age when life was with no worries and I was outside the whole day playing with friends who live in the neighborhood! Seriously life was so much easier back then. I enjoyed going to school and didn’t sit at home with my phone and laptop.
I’d like to be 18. Then I would have finished school, I could do everything I want, because it is really just for one week. If it would be longer, I’d rather be 7 like Kijana, with no worries and drawing pictures in school.
7. Which do you feel prepares you for life most effectively: university or real life experience?
Real life experience! Who cares what is written in books which try to explain how life should be and what happens when you do this or that? Go out and make some own experiences this is what will be the best for you and you can find out on your own how you want to life. Of course you will make some mistakes but these mistakes are there for a special reason namely that you learn from them.
For me, it is hard to say. But I would say real life experience. I think that because you know why should I can interpret cartoons in german, english, french and spanish, when I do not know how to cook (well I know how to cook, but if I look at my brother, He thinks he can survive with asian noodle soup). Of course, sometimes it is too late when you make faults you could have denied when you would have learned it, but all in all I would say real life experience
8. What is the first thing you notice about people?
First I see if they’re happy or not. I don’t know how I do this but just when I look at someone even if they are smiling I see when they’re unhappy.
The first thing I notice is the way they are looking. Some look patient, some arrogant, some happy and some others sad. The eyes are telling a lot more than a smile. You can fake a smile but the way your eyes look, you cannot pretend.
9. Would you rather travel to the future or back in time?
Future! Because I am so interested in what will happen next and how life and generally the earth will look like in the future
Definitively future! The back would be interesting, but it has happened. And everything that happened took part of the present, so me, I think I would want to change bad things, but that would be disastrous! So I’d rather see what will happen
10).To what extent do you trust people? Explain!
I trust people so much. Sometimes it’s a curse because they don’t treat my information right and tell it to everybody which kinda sucks but I just always try to see the good in people and believe them when they say they’re not telling anybody. Of course I don’t tell them my whole life story but if something is important to that point and I trust them I go ahead and tell them. But with time I get better and better in knowing if I should tell this person the thing or not.
I’m actually at the point where I realize that I trust people too much. Of course I can trust my true friends. Like I would tell everything to Kijana, because I am sure that she won’t tell anybody, but in the past I got disappointed by too many people I trusted too hard, and that’s sad because it is difficult now for me to let people in.
11. Would you rather know how you’re going to die or when you’re going to die?
I would like to know when I am going to die because then I know how much time is left to do all the things I want to do and I have the time to say goodbye to everybody and I don’t have to leave unexpected 🙂 Just imagine you’d know that you will die because you were hit by a car! Would you ever go even near a street? Because I clearly wouldn’t.
Like Kijana I would rather know when I am going to die. Of course it is a bad feeling one day before, but then you can die pure. You can apologize, you can tell people what you think about them, so that your end is calm.
Thank you India for asking this questions! ❤

Emily’s questions: 

1. Have you made any friends through blogging?
Kijana and Anna:
No unfortunately not as we only have our blog for a month or so
2. What hobbies do you have?
listening to music, dancing, going out with friends, reading, yoga, blogging
dancing (Zumba and Bokwa) , going out with friends, listening to music, eating, Pilates, blogging
3. What is your middle name?
4. What is your best memory as a child?
Uh…I seriously cannot choose! There were just so many but when I have to think of one was when I was playing out in the woods with my best friend and it started to rain so it was all muddy and we jumped into all puddles and our parents were mad at us but they were also laughing when we got home 😀
The best memory is the situation when my dad played horse with us. we had a really huge mattress in our living room. My brother, my sister and me, we sat on my dad’s back and he was swinging so we fall off on the mattress. I loved that.
5. What is your favorite store to shop at?
Zara, H&M, Topshop, Asos, Maingold
Zara, Marc O’Polo, Abercrombie, Maingold
6. How long have you been blogging?
Kijana and Anna:
We created this blog on the 23rd December but we uploaded our first blog post on 26th December (which you can btw check out here)
7. Favorite model?
Cara Delevingne, Miranda Kerr; Gigi Hadid
Candice Swanepoel, Irina Shayk, Lily Aldrige

Our questions are:

 1. Most romantic scene you can imagine?
2. Favorite meal?
3. What is your favorite store to shop?
4. Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook?
5. Cutest thing someone ever said to you?
6. Who/What is your style inspiration?
7. Would you rather take a boy/girl with a bad character but pretty, or someone with the best character but very ugly?
8. Things, you could not live without?
9. Which places do you want to travel to?
10. What is your biggest dream?
11.Intentions for 2015?
Thank you xxx
Anna and Kijana
(some questions you asked us, we were not able to respond, we apologize)
And if you have any wishes for blog posts, you can tell us ❤

We nominate:


My collection of beauty products

Hey everyone ❤

first of all I want to apologize that this post is published today instead of yesterday. The reasons are that I felt sick, so it was one of these days were you realize that everything sucks 😀 and another reason was that I had neither my macbook or my iPhone to upload something.

But today is the day and below you can read something special we want to announce! ❤

Well then. I love beauty products. My parents use to say “Oh gosh Anna! What do you want with all these things?” Maybe this is a good question, but it is unnecessary because they can ask me a thousand times for a reason and I know that I am not able to give them a satisfying answer. Because I think for parents it is hard to accept our unbeatable arguments like “Because I’m a girl!” or “Uhm. Just because I can?”.

Anyway, whenever I saw all these good looking people in TV I was sitting there with big eyes. I mean what girl did not want to become a model? So I was very exited when I got my first make up set.

From then until now my requirements are much higher. Beauty products should have good quality, they should fit into the season and of course they have to look good on me 😀

Now I can proudly present my most used beauty products ! xx

IMG_0006 IMG_0007

My BOBBI BROWN eyeshadow palette 🙂 I ADORE this one because it has this light glow and the nude colors are great. I use the lightest shadow as a highlighter, so you can see that it is multifunctional.

It costs about 45€

IMG_0008 IMG_0009

My MAYBELLINE MASTER GRAPHIC EYELINER. You have to know that I really like eyeliner, but in the morning, I just have not enough time to “draw” a perfect eyeliner. I tried so many different ones, but in my opinion it is the best. It is kinda liquid, but it does not smear over your lid. The top is pointed so it is really easy to have a precise eyeliner 🙂

It is about 10 €

IMG_0010 IMG_0011

This mascara from MANHATTEN in new-in. So I have to apologize, I just tried it once, but it was really really great. Kijana uses this mascara and she has wonderful eyelashes. The lashes do not stick together or something like that.

This is also about 10 €

IMG_0013 IMG_0014

My eyebrows are maybe the part in my face I like most. At least sometimes. They are kinda hard to care for 😀 It’s because my eyebrows are really dark. But I don’t color or paint them, and because my hairs are much brighter, you can see every damn hair that does not fit 😀 Anyway. I’m using the ASTOR eyebrow gel and today I bought this MAYBELLINE BROWdrama. I have no idea what it is like, but I think it is great.

Price: don’t remember but I think around 5-10€

IMG_0015 IMG_0016

My bronzer is also from MAYBELLINE. (I do not know why I’ve got so much of them). I own it in two different shades. A lighter and a darker one, and I usually decide which one I use when I am looking into the mirror (in summer I prefer the darker one)

It costs about 4 € per bronzer


My MAC Studio Fit Concealer. I always wanted to have this tiny box and now I finally have it. I love it because it fits perfect to my skin, it matts my skin and hides my parts of impure skin (luckily I have a good skin)

About 23 €

IMG_0019 IMG_0020

NAKED 2 EYESHADOW. I posted a picture of this in the post about my Christmas presents. I’m still in love with the colors and how it looks in your lid, so I can totally recommend it ❤

Price: 45 €


I do not like foundations. Maybe that’s because I don’t need it, but I’ve got the experience that my skin is worser after I am using foundation. So I decided to buy this little tube of the BETTER SKIN FOUNDATION by MAYBELLINE. As the name says it should be good for your skin. So, I’m exiting to see results.

About 3 €


Kijana recommended me this lovely silver/white eyeshadow. It looked really great on her so I went to the drugstore today to buy it 🙂 But I’m in love with the colors ❤

Price: 7€

IMG_0023 IMG_0024And last but not least my MAC STUDIO FIX powder. Because I do not use foundation, I decided to buy a covering powder. It feels airy on your skin, but you can not see one impureness. That’s awesome and I would definitely buy it again! I love it ❤

It costs about 35 €


The BENEFIT PORE MINIMIZER. The question is, who does not have this one? I love it. It is the perfect base for everything else and your skin feels so soft ❤ Love it!

About 30 €

So and this was my presentation of my beauty products. I really hope you liked it. Maybe I’m gonna show you some looks one day 😉

No products were sponsored. I all bought them myself. This is no commercial, but my own opinion xx

And now about our announcement: We got nominated for the LIEBSTER Award, so on FRIDAY we will post an extra post about this award. We hope that you like our blog so far! We would be happy for some feedback, or if you could share our blog so we would have more opportunities like lottery and other stuff.

Love you ❤


A Day In The City

Hey guys! ❤

Today the two of us spent a day in the city and of course did some shopping 😀

The first thinmg we did after our train arrived was, like you could have expect it, eating. But not somewhere in a no-name fast food restaurant. No, we ate salad, yes, we are healthy 😀 , at Dean&David. The super-delicious “Chicken Ceasar’s Salad”. It was probably the best salad, we have ever eaten. It was perfect.

First, we played with the thought to stay at this cafe, because although we just had been there for an hour, our feet hurt so much ( well, this might be obvious because we wore high shoes, but it looks great, tho).

So, we made the pedastrian area to our catwalk 😀 (hahahahahaha. No. Joke) and our target was Douglas.

There, Kijana found something, that made her to be the happiest girl ever. At least until we went to the next shop 😀

She found this treasure



The Benefit Dandelion Blush.

It looks really super cute and with her hairs /they are currently back (she looks like snow white!)

The next fabulous store we captured was Zara.

Zara is a store, you can enter and normally you can be sure that you will find something, and oh yes, we did find something ❤ 😀

First of all Kijanas shirts







And then Annas finds




We made a quick stop at H&M before we headed to a drugstore called “Müller” where we found loads of things 🙂
The first pictures are the things from H&M and after that there are the things we got in Müller












Our last stop today was SIX. We couldn’t make it to any other store because our feet hurt so much hahah 😀

This is what we got there 🙂

<br /





Now we’re happily laying in our beds and let our feet rest after this hard but beautiful shopping day!

We hope your day was as good as ours and that you like today’s post ❤

See you soon

A&K xxxx

A post about… wait, about what?

Hey guys ❤

Yep, today it is my turn with the post. I was thinking about a topic for quite a while, and then I decided for a mix of everything I want . This has two main reasons. First: We had school until 5 o’clock p.m and nothing really special happened today. Just hanging around the school with all these people. By the way, whenever I am entering school I am listening to the song “I don’t fuck with you” by Sean Paul to get into the right mood 😀 People always say that music changes the way of view. I think, that’s kinda right. Like, that’s maybe embarrassing, but whenever I am listening to “Blank Space” I am feeling cute as fuck, “Take me to Church” makes me feel musing and “Chandelier” like an awesome dancer 😀 Well, I think I went off on a tangent 🙂


When I look back at the first days of the new year, I have to say, that yesterday was my favorite day. It includes everything I wanted to realize. Like for first I slept well and long and after that I had breakfast with my mum and my lovely sister.

At the evening, when I watched “Gossip Girl” and ate a little bit of ice cream, I made something like a plan for the next day, which included what I wanted to do. On the plan I wrote learning math, doing a bit of pilates. That was what I wanted to do. So, I did. And oooh my gosh, when I finished learning, it was about four o’clock p.m my mother and my sister started to bake waffles, and you have to know that I ADORE them ❤

So I have to say it was a very successful afternoon and it ended by scrolling through my pictures  and well there I found some nice ones but also so many pictures, where I thought “What the…??!!” 😀

IMG_0003You know the feeling when you did some very nice selfies and you are thinking “Daaaamn I think I actually do not look as ugly as normal” and then, full of enthusiasm you scroll through you pictures and think “Uhm, okay, I .. well.. no, just no”.

But I think I’m gonna show you some of these pictures in a separate post 😉 So it’s everything embarrassing 😀

Yep, that’s exactly what I thought yesterday evening ❤


New Years Goals

Hey everyone! ❤

For our first “regular” post, we decided to let you all know what our goals for 2015 are.


“New year, new chances”. I think this is actually my goal. I want to spend my year with people like Kijana, who make my life brighter and happier. Last year, my sky was full of clouds, weights that were on my shoulders. For this year I thought that I want it to live like I want it. So, a part of this is a lifestyle. I decided to clean my body, I want to be more healthier. So therefore I am going to buy me a yoga book to relax and calm down. A part of this lifestyle is also the way I see things. I used to look at things in a negative way, but that should be over now. I try to distance myself from people that weren’t good for me and got me down.

Another goal is this blog here. I really want to work hard to get at least 1k follower here. I know that this will be hard work, but Kijana and me, we have got some good ideas you will get to know 😉

This year I also want to make myself some presents. I want to find a way earning money to realize dreams by deserving it. Not as a present of my parents, but more from myself to myself.

Friendship. This will be more important than ever before. I found new treasures in my life and I’d like to spend more time with them, like going into holidays with them, see them more often, do more “I guess we should not do that, but anyway”- activities and just be happy with them.

These are my personal goals for 2015. I probably would be as happy as I have not been for a long time.


“New year, New chances” is like Anna my personal motto for 2015. This year I want to honestly live and live like it’s every day the last day of my life because life could be over so soon. I want to stop adjourning things I want to do and start doing them instead because I so often said “oh tomorrow I will do it” and let’s all be honest here we won’t do it tomorrow so from now on I want to start doing and stop wishing. What I always wanted and adjourned was living a healthier lifestyle and doing sports regularly but this year I will achieve it and seriously I never was more excited and motivated to do it! 🙂

Another motto this year is “smile more, worry less” because I’m getting sick of worrying about all my life and thinking about what I could have done better in the past.

As Anna I’d love to get 1k by the end of this year on our blog and additionally I want to get 15k followers on tumblr which I hopefully achieve.

I want to do more things with friends like traveling, going out or some other “we shouldn’t have done it but glad we did it”-activities which we won’t regret. Personally I think that traveling is so important not just with friends but with everybody because you get some great memories you’ll never forget with your friends and you can get to know other cities, beaches or mountains or wherever you wanna go. I completely agree to the saying “Travel is the only thing you can buy which makes you richer” because it is so true! Of course traveling costs a lot of money but the experiences you make will pay off every cent.

These are my goals for 2015 and I look forward to the end of this year to see which of them I achieved 🙂

Kisses A&K xxxx

Please tell us in the comments what your goals are for this year! 🙂

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Blogging Schedule

Hey everyone and Happy New Year!

First of all we hope you celebrated the beginning of the new year as good as we did and that everything you wish for this year comes true ❤
We are very sorry that we didn’t upload a new blog post but both of us were in holiday and didn’t have the time to upload but from now on we want to post more regularly! So we decided to do a blogging schedule 🙂
It looks like the following:

Saturday: a blogpost by us two together
Monday: a blogpost by Anna
Wednesday: a blogpost by Kijana

We really want to follow this schedule and try our hardest to upload a great blogpost to you 🙂
This was only a short post informing you about our schedule

If you don’t want to miss something make sure to follow us on bloglovin or on here xx

Bye for now and we hope to welcome you at our blog again soon ❤ 🙂

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Hello my dear friends! ❤

When I woke up this morning, I could not believe my eyes.

You know this cute song for children? In German it goes: “Es schneit, es schneit, kommt alle aus dem Haus, die Welt, die Welt, sieht wie gepudert aus” ❤

It has started to snow! Snow is maybe the most beautiful thing, at least in wintertime. The little snowflakes are swirling around and this scene awakes the little child in everybody. So you know I can’t wait to go outside, taking pictures and playing in the snow. 🙂

But I had no chance until now, because it’s my father’s birthday today. I made the breakfast, and baked a cake ❤ For him, I would do everything. I love my father so hard, I am actually not able to put it into words. He’s always there for me.

This day, is somehow magical. I don’t know exactly why. Do you know this feeling, when you look out the window into the snow, thinking about old memories? For me this situation is perfect, when I’ve got a cup of hot chocolate and my favorite nail colour on my fingers ❤






What we got for Christmas!

Hey everyone 🙂

Merry Christmas, Fröhliche Weihnachten!
It doesn’t matter in which language you say this, it always sounds fantastic!
The most exiting time of the year is nearly at it’s end, and so we thought we should present you our Christmas presents.


This year, I had no really big or extraordinary wishes, because actually I am very pleased 🙂 My parents, oh I love them so much and I am so thankful, try to buy me the things I need or wish during the whole year. 🙂

So after our huge dinner, I really felt pregnant, my tummy was really big :D,  Santa brought me at first the NAKED 2 eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay. I have to admit that this was my only wish, because in every good-looking make-up tutorial, these eyeshadows are used. And because I really really like to try these tutorials on my own (or with my dear Kijana 😉 ) I put it on my wishlist.


Naked 2
So then, what I really did not expect, was the present of my brother (he’s 16). Maybe he had a good day or he was influenced by his girlfriend, but anyway, he bought a bag for me. You know, bags and me, it’s just a perfect composition. I LOVE them. My mother promised me another one, but I guess it will take very long 😉 So when I opened my present I was sooo freaking surprised. A Longchamp Bag. I saw it, and fell in love. This bag is just lovely. It is called “Le Pliage” and here you can find it 🙂



And my last little present was a body lotion and a body spray from Victoria’s Secret. I have to admit that I am totally addicted to this label. I ADORE it. And so, you probably can imagine how sad I am that there is no VS store in Germany. That’s why I spend my whole money in London this summer in the VS store.


I hope you really enjoyed you Chrismas days, like I did! xx


Like Anna I didn’t have big wishes because actually I’m pretty thankful that I have such amazing parents who buy me almost everything I want throughout the year 🙂

As usual I started opening the presents after dinner (which was great btw!). The first presents I opened were the ones from my parents :). Like Anna I wished for nothing in particular but I told my parents a while ago that I’d really like to have the Prada Candy perfume because tbh this perfume is the best I’ve ever smelled! So you can tell I’ve been pretty happy when I opened it 🙂 I got the 50ml one but I also got a cute little 7ml one you can see in the pictures underneath! I fell in love with both because the mini size is perfect for school or traveling 🙂

Prada Candy

Prada Candy

My second present I opened was also from my parents. It was a Nike pullover and seriously I love Nike! It’s my all time favorite brand because it’s so simple and modern and they also design the most comfortable shoes ever haha 🙂

Nike Sweatshirt

The third present was the same size as the one where the Nike sweathsirt was in, so I already knew that this would be a sweater too. And guess what? It was! I got a black Adidas sweathshirt and it’s perfect for a day when I don’t want to wear something tight and want to keep it simple and comfy 🙂

Adidas Sweatshirt

These were the presents from my mom and dad 🙂

My brother then gave me a small parcel in which a gift set from The Body Shop was :). It has a cute little red sponge in it and a body lotion with strawberry flavor and also a shower gel in the same yummy flavor. He knows that I love The Body Shop because everything smells so good there and the fact that they don’t test their products on animals makes me like them even more 🙂

Body Shop

From my uncle I got a choker (like omg I wanted one for so so long and now I finally have one) and another cute lil bracelet 🙂 they both look so adorable and I fell in love with them once I saw them! He also got me a plain black t-shirt which sits perfectly and is pretty comfy! (sorry that I forgot to take a picture before putting it in the washer, but I am pretty sure that you al know how a black shirt looks :D)


Necklaces Close-up

I hope you had a great Christmas and enjoyed the time together with your loved ones 🙂

This was today’s post and we hope to welcome you at our blog soon ❤

Kisses A&K xxx

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