Daniel Wellington

Hey loves ❤

I was beyond happy when the postman rang on my door and brought me a small parcel from Sweden. From Sweden? Yes in a small town called “Uppsala” is a firm called “Daniel Wellington” which produces probably the prettiest watches on earth! I’m very lucky to own one of these watches. I chose the “Classic Sheffield Lady”. It’s a black, simple, chic and elegant watch which I adore very much! Black is a color which matches to all my clothes that’s why I’ve chosen this one but they also offer dark brown, brown and dark brown crocodile leather. If you don’t like leather you can also choose from a wide range of NATO wristbands. NATO straps originate from the British navy and they’re out of a very resistent fabric called Nylon. All straps are interchangeable which means you don’t have to buy a complete new watch if you want to change your look.

Use my code DW_hopes to get 15% off your entire purchase and if you get a watch from them the shipping is free worldwide and also the returns!!! Isn’t this great? So make sure to order one until the 31st July (my birthday btw) because until then my code is valid.

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Thank you for reading and let me know in the comments below what you think of this watch ❤

Kijana xxx


Hey everyone ❤

At first I want to say a big sorry for not uploading a blog post for so long but school was so stressful the past three weeks because we had lots of tests and presentations and I just needed to focus on this! But now summer holidays are finally here so I can upload posts more regularly yay! 🙂 I’m currently in Glasgow – my favorite city in the world! The weather is perfect (which is not usual as the common cliche) and I already took lots of pictures and I am so in love with them just like the rest of Glasgow.

I try to upload some more pictures the next few days 🙂

Stay tuned!

Kijana xx
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Hey loves! ❤
I was super excited when I received my mail today because I knew my new phone case from Nunuco Design Company would arrive!! It’s even prettier than I expected and it fits my phone so well 🙂
I am so happy that I got the chance to review one of their cases and I’m looking forward to buying some other cases from them as this one and its quality proved my fantastic impression of NDC
Underneath you can see my case 🙂 it’s the model “Viidakko” in case you want to know ❤

 This was it for today’s post I hope you enjoyed reading and talk to you soon!!
P.s leave me in the comments what you think of this case 🙂

Kijana xx

Week in Berlin

Hey everyone <3!

My class (including Anna) spent the last week in Berlin as our this year’s class trip. I think I can speak for everyone who attended that it was great! As for class trips normal we walked a lot but overall we often had some free time for ourselves too, which we of course enjoyed more than walking the whole day 🙂 In my free time I explored the city on my own with some friends or went shopping or just sat in a café. We visited the Konzentrationslager in Sachsenhausen and the Stasi-Haftanstalt in Hohenschönhausen they were both horrible and everyone felt so numb after our visit. No one wanted to imagine being there at the time when it wasn’t just a “tourist attraction”!

Underneath you can find some pictures I took in Berlin!

 Altes Museum Berliner Dom Fernsehturm Bundestag Bundestag inside Alexanderplatz me and my friends Acne Studios Konzerthaus Konzentrationslager

Stay tuned!

Kijana xxx


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My addiction

 Hey ❤

Every girl has a weakness. May it be shoes for the one girl and bags for the other but for me it’s definitely watches!! I can’t get enough of them and now it’s time to get a new one 🙂 Sad thing is they’re all super expensive but still I am addicted haha! Today the weather wasn’t good so I decided to spent my day inside on my laptop 🙂 I was searching for a new watch and I just can’t decide which one I like the most. I can only pick one as they are too expensive to get all 😦 Please help me choose! Any help appreciated ❤


Sources of Inspiration – Tumblr

Hey everyone!

Summer is coming and who else just loves the weather outside?? Me definitely! But I found some time to upload a new post today that is a kinda short but I hope you like it anyways 🙂 This is another post of the collection “Sources of Inspiration” and for me the biggest source is tumblr! I just love it so much and that’s also the place where I took these pictures from.

Now I don’t want to go on talking and relax a bit more in the sun so enjoy these pictures which will hopefully get you as inspired as me

Kijana xxx



Hey ❤ In the Easter holidays I was in Italy with my family and some friends of my parents and their kids. We stayed in a small town near Venice with a very nice beach and lots of cute restaurants. When we stayed there the weather was sooooo good! We never expected it but it was almost 30°C every day so we went to the beach or the pool. All in all it was a very fun week and so chilled in comparison with school haha! On our way home there was a huge thunderstorm and I tried for over one hour to catch a lightning with my camera and luckily I got one good shot! 🙂

I attached some pictures from our week

I hope you enjoyed reading and see you soon

Kijana xxx


Important Update!

Hey loves! ❤

It’s been a long time since you’ve heard of us but I (Kijana) want to change this now 🙂 So here’s the update; Anna and I did no longer use this blog together because we just didn’t have time and weren’t that motivated to do anything else than studying or going to school. That’s why I’m going to have this blog now on my own and try to be as active as possible :)! Please have mercy with me if I don’t upload something each week but I will really try my best!

Stay tuned

Kijana xx

Monday’s Cravings #2

Hey sweeties ❤

It’s that time again when the weekend is over and you need to face the real life again. Whatever you do school or work, I think you would all agree that Mondays are the worst days of the week. So I made a collage of my recent cravings hope you like it!!